Who runs the LDN PFF?
Ingo Cando, Rude Jude, Max Disgrace and Epiphyllum Oxypetalum. Yup, those were the names our mothers gave us at birth.
When is the festival happening?
Last weekend in April 2019
I’m a filmmaker. When do I need to get my film to you?
For our 2019 Film Festival, deadline is December 15 2018. 
Is there any particular criteria for submitting?
Only that it aligns with our principles as a feminist, queer friendly, sex positive festival. We do not accept anything racist, transphobic, classist, sexist, misogynistic, non-consensual, ableist or in any other way discriminatory.
Why have you decided to run the festival?
We were inspired by two things. First, the Berlin Porn Film Festival (which is an example to us all) and the UK porn laws, which are among the most repressive in the world. The UK, despite presenting itself as a bastion of freedom, is also host to laws such as the digital economy act, which requires age verification by law from April 2018. On the surface, this sounds like a good idea (let’s stop kids accessing porn!) but in reality, it is one of the first stages towards a heavily restricted and controlled internet. This is evidenced by the Investigatory Powers Bill 2016, which means that the government receives a record of every single page you visit by law. (So yes, you should use a VPN.)
Porn is almost always the first to be targeted by repressive laws; due to its private nature almost no-one is willing to publicly defend it. But what’s alarming about the digital economy act is how it a) does nothing to actually address the problems of say, sexism, sexual harassment or the continued trampling of sex workers’ rights, and b) reframes the digital economy in favour of huge tube sites that profit from smaller, independent porn producers.
The game needs to change, so we have set up an entire festival in order to so.
Hm, porn, isn’t that really unfeminist/dangerous?
Are there going to be any parties?
Yes! There will be some socials and parties this year and we’ll put them up as soon as we have confirmed.
What are the technical requirements for submitting?
London Porn Film Festival is committed to access. Therefore, we require all films entered that have dialogue to have English-language subtitles, and all films to have an audio description track.
The audio description should consists solely of a voice recording (containing no film sound) that, in the gaps between dialogue in the film, describes what’s showing on-screen to our blind and visually impaired audience members.
For a film to be considered for screening, both the subtitle and the audio description must be made available to us.
How do I know when the programme is out?
We will email everyone on our mailing list, post it on facebook, twitter, instagram and all other social media platforms we use. Please do not ask us to personally send you an email about the programme or what is happening at the festival.
I am from the media. Can I get a free pass to cover the festival?
No. If you’d like to cover the festival, please buy a pass like everyone else. We are very small and giving away tickets to the media is not something we can do at the moment.
I am from the media. Can I interview you before the festival?
No. Unfortunately, we’re very small and we don’t have the resources to conduct interviews before the festival begins. Come and experience it yourself!
Fifteen quid?!! Why is it so expensive???
Generally speaking, when running festivals, we are faced with a simple choice. Do we work for no money, pull it off on a shoestring and cut corners or do we work for almost no money, but at least ask people to pay enough to cover costs? We have opted for the latter. There is an expectation that community run DIY events should be free or very cheap, but we have learned over the years that actually this burns people out and makes many events unsustainable. Think of it as buying a round of drinks, one for you, and a few more for your programmers 🙂
Where is it held?
We are proud and happy to show all films at The Horse Hospital, a three tiered progressive arts venue in London providing an encompassing umbrella for the related media of art, film, fashion, literature and music.
The Horse Hospital
Colonnade, Bloomsbury
London WC1N 1JD
I have a problem / comment / idea. Who should I contact?
Please get in touch at