Let’s do this!

Call out!


A couple of weeks ago it was brought to our attention that a transphobic hate group is trying to stop London Porn Film Festival 2019. This group, which we’re not going to name so as to not give them undue attention, is closely affiliated with the group that disrupted the Pride march in London last year. They’re staging a protest against us at the festival this weekend. Worse, they’ve sent a letter to Camden council that’s full of lies, distortions and smears, asking the council to block our festival. Unfortunately the London Borough of Camden is bound by law and has started an investigation, which has caused a lot of logistical and financial issues.

Our priority is to show our films for our queer, feminist audience, because we know they’re important and radical. But it’s taken a lot of our energy and time running up to the festival to combat the attack on us, and unfortunately it’s taken quite a bit of money too. We’re paying for:

  • Increased venue hire costs as the protests and investigation have raised the issue of relocation.
  • A lawyer that has helped us when meeting the council and given us advice on how to make sure we’re able to have the festival go ahead.
  • Additional security measures, including a security guard with an SIA licence on the door at all times, to ensure the safety of our audience during the entire festival and prevent any attempt at disruption.
  • Additional staff on the door during the announced protest.

Besides the inconvenience, this means our previously solid budget is firmly heading into the red. In the worst case scenario, a significant loss would mean we’d be unable to run the festival next year. That would mean the hate group would achieve their goal to get rid of us.

We want to ask you to stand in solidarity with us, against transphobia and hate towards sex workers, and against attempts to censor and silence queer and feminist porn.

Support us by:

  • Coming to the festival this week, 26th-28th April! The easiest way to stand up to hate is to fill our screenings with queers, allies and supporters and show that there’s more of us and that we’re stronger. Find screenings and get tickets here: http://www.londonpff.com/program/
  • Buying a solidarity ticket! Even if you’re unable to come, or if you want to support us even more, buying a solidarity ticket is a great way to help out. Link to buy solidarity tickets here: https://www.outsavvy.com/event/2749/solidarity-ticket-tickets
  • Donating money – in all the ticket links in the programme above, there’s an option to donate money to the festival. Whether you’re able to come or not, please donate so we can keep the festival running!
  • Helping spread the word about this frightening attempt to silence queer speech and sabotage a queer festival.

Any additional funds raised, after covering the extra costs this has inflicted on us, will be used for future London Porn Film Festivals and screenings. We’ll keep showing queer and feminist porn and won’t let them win!

London 24 April 2019




We want to be able to see, share and show more sex positive films within our Queer Community!

So, inspired by Berlin Porn Film Festival, some of us from Wotever World got together and created London Porn Film Festival. Over the years we always sold out the porn screenings at Wotever DIY Film Festival, and Wotever World did about Five very successful Queer Experiments with Queer Porno as a theme, and the latest one was held at Horse Hospital, and they wanted to do more like it as did we.

So, time is right, Let’s do this!