London Porn Film Festival 2018

Welcome to a packed programme filled with exciting and informative films from our Queer Feminist Film makers!


Local Heros

The British queer and feminist porn scene is blooming! So many new possibilities, from the students, to the emerging filmmakers, to the ambitious big projects bringing together experienced producers in new configurations. So quintessentially local, from the Turnpike Lane corner shop, to the Victorian cemetery, to the Regent’s Canal riverboat. This selection spotlights some of the most exciting new voices to emerge in London & UK in the past few years, our community, and the future of porn in our city.

Running time approx 114 mins

Afterparty Sluts4Sluts collective UK
Gloaming Vex Ashley UK
Green Man Date Charlie J Forrest UK
Hysteria Sarah Hardcastle UK
Jak Alex Jay UK
She groped me in the groceries Lidia Ravviso UK
Sixty Nine Club Rob Eagle UK
Tribute Max Disgrace UK
Unbridled Marcus Quillan UK

Saturday 14 April 15.00
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Thursday 12 April 19.00
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What’s a porn film festival without a little pain? These shorts explore BDSM from light and funny to shut-the- fuck-up. Expect meat hooks, humiliation, golden arcs of ejaculation, body fluids in unexpected places, glitter, leather and much more. These shorts will tie you up and blindfold you, treat you like meat, take you to the extreme and keep you there at our leisure. We trust that you know how to take it.

Breakfast in bed Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell USA
Breathe Goodyn Green Denmark/Germany
Butcher’s Hook Ben Berlin Germany
Internal Energy Mahx Capacity USA
Machine Phoenix and Lupa V UK
Take Me Like The Sea Salty Germany


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We’re very excited to present this special shorts programme from one of the queerest events in London. Our newest programmer Max Disgrace is one of its main collaborators. Founded in 2015 kuntinuum began as a creative salon for lesbian artists and has grown to become a rare space to discuss queer and lesbian art, history and politics. These stylish shorts include some of the hottest porn performers on the scene right now – expect sharp aesthetics, intelligent critique and excellent taste. Curated by kuntinuum

Closing Time Mahx Capacity USA
Devourable Ms Naughty Australia
Going Here Courtney Trouble USA
Green Velvet Ben Berlin Germany
Recursion II Vex Ashley UK
The Curse Danny Tayara Canada
The Toilet Line Goodyn Green Denmark/Germany
Tribute Max Discgrace UK
Venus in Scorpio Evie Snax & Luzifer Priest USA


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Latin American Post-Porn 

London Porn Film Festival is proud to host this selection from the dynamic Latin American feminist and queer porn scene, curated by Brazilian filmmaker and academic Érica Sarmet, gathering films spanning the last decade from countries such as México, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru. And the variety is huge. There are films here that deal with gender troubles, queerness, body patterns, the machismo culture, dictatorial pasts, estate violence, abortion legislation and blasphemy, but also melodramatic approaches that link pornography to love, partnership and intimacy.

Guest curator: Érica Sarmet

Érica Sarmet is a filmmaker, screenwriter, curator and academic film researcher from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has a Master’s degree in Cinema and Audiovisual and a BA in Media and Cultural Studies, both from Federal Fluminense University, where she wrote an awarded thesis on Latin American post-porn, “Sin porno no hay posporno: body, excess and ambivalence in Latin America (2015)”, which will be published in 2019.

Abrir Diego Stickar Argentina
Amor com a cidade Coletivo Pornô Clown Brazil
Amoramor Edgar De Santo Argentina
Boda Negra La Bala Rodriguez México
Chivo Expiatorio Jorge Hernán Arce, Tina PIT Colombia
E se eles abrem a porta Lu Hiroshi Brazil
El Sexorcismo de Aily Habibi Aily Habibi, Taís Lobo Argentina/Brazil
Esto Es Chile Colectivo Subporno Chile
Ideologia Felipe Rivas San Martin Chile
Juntitos Diego Stickar Argentina
Manifiesto Gordx Constanzx Alvarez (Missogina), Samuel Hidalgo Chile
Maternidad Obligatória Nadia Granados (La Fulminante) Colombia
Menstruantes Joyce Jandette, Alejandra ‘la Bala’ Rodríguez México
Popoxexeca Ruth Steyer, Ioanna Pappou México/Brazil
Sucktion 014 Héctor Acuña Peru
X-MɅNɅS Clarissa Ribeiro Brazil

Screening & Talk

Friday 13 April 20.00 Tickets HERE



It takes a village to raise a perv. We are taught to believe that sex is a two person thing that happens behind closed doors; in fact, sex, like everything else, is social, and we rely on others for our sense of pleasure, our sense of humour and our sense of self. These shorts explore sex in all its collective glory, whether that be the trusty threesome, ritualistic gang-bangs, tinder-fuelled sexcapades or people coming together to discuss their sexuality and their work. These shorts prove that the more fingers, bodies, asses and mouths, the merrier!

Biodildo 2.0 Christian Slaugther Germany
Fluídos Sudakas Fluídos Sudakas Germany
Fucking Mystic Gangbang Orgy Courtney Trouble USA
Look At Me Patrick G. Lee & Marco Alessi USA/UK
Shapeshifters David Bloom Germany
The Tinder Challenge Paulita Pappel Germany
XXI (Twenty One) Vesania and Patrício Rodríguez Chile


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Transhuman Romp 

Why be such a bore and limit yourself to just the human body? This collection ranges from hilariously weird fantasy freakery via glitchy cybernetic constructions to profound art meditations on the limits of human biology. Genitals that you can change at your whim or that detach from your body and escape, alien boxes with surprisingly human tongues, bodies that melt end meld into each other – it’s a veritable smorgasbord of the outer limits of sexual imagination.

Benjamin Sebastian, Matteo Cortés UK/Colombia
A is for Aliens Cybee Bloss Germany
Binaries HYENAZ Germany
Cipka/Pussy Renata Gąsiorowska Poland
Flowing Under Orlando Myxx UK
L-UV-E Katy Bit and Theo Meow Germany
Latifúndio Érica Sarmet Brazil
Lavo Sasha Svirsky Russia
Malware Cybee Bloss Germany
No Pasa Mas Wincy Oyarce Chile
Oops Oh my Decolonial Killjoy Austria
The End Noel Alejandro Germany
The OH Files: Digital Genitals Mahx Capacity USA
The OH Files: Millk Burlesque Mahx Capacity USA


Saturday 14 April 17.30 Tickets HERE



Subversive Spanking Porn 

Pandora/Blake is one of the most well-known and respected names on the scene – and also our 2018 guest of honour! Activist, producer, performer and thorough perv, they will be taking us on a retrospective journey through over seven years of creating some of the best ethical porn around and discussing some of the key issues confronting the porn scene today.

Screening & Talk

Saturday 14 April 20.00 Tickets HERE




We’re not taking it lying down 

Time to rise up! Britain’s draconian censorship laws – made even worse with the addition of unsafe, data-mining age checks this year – are hitting hard against the queer porn scene. That makes our whole festival a political protest at its core, but this programme zooms in on films that directly deal with the politics of porn itself. Channeling sex workers’ realities, challenges to the hegemony of commercial porn and raucous pornoanarchic protests, this a call to join us and take on the censorship laws head-on!

Amateurs Professionnels EP3 Fred W Dewitt and Carmina France
First period Courtney Trouble USA
Fuck the Fascism in Rome Maria Basura Chile/Italy
Full Mahx Capacity USA
Of Flesh & Love Paul Salvatori Canada
Pizza Roles Danny Tayara and Ari Chivukula Canada
Ritual and Worship Morgana Muses Australia/Germany
Thirst for Revenge Maria Basura and Jorge Benavides Chile
Trump N’ Dump I. Que Grande USA
Yes Campaign Ms Naughty Australia


Saturday 14 April 22.30 Tickets HERE


Practical Stuff, that might be good to know before you arrive to a screening:


Access: The Horse Hospital is wheelchair accessible to an extent. However, accessible toilet facilities are only available off the main site. Read a thorough review of the accessibility of the site here:

All filmmakers, as part of the submission process, have been asked to supply both audio description and subtitles for all their films. Audio description listening equipment will be available on request during the screening.

Festival screenings will be held at The Horse Hospital in central London. Support Independent Venues!



  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
12.00 WS Maria Basura** WS Blake** WS VR**
15.00 Internal Energy Local Heros All the Babes
17.30 Devourables Transhuman Romp Internal Energy
20.00 Opening GALA, Local Heros Latin America Post-Porn Subversive Spanking Porn Devourables
22.30 All the Babes We’re Not Taking it Lying Down
Xtra PARTY, FMAS at RVT***

** WS, Workshop Venue and how to get involved TBA

*** PARTY, Female Masculinity Appreciation Society Party at Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Info/Tickets HERE


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