London Porn Film Festival 2019

Welcome to a packed programme filled with exciting and informative films, works hops and talks from our Queer Feminist Film makers!


Fuck Me in the Ear, Audio Porn Workshop

Since time immemorial, porn has established itself as a visual medium more than anything else. But what of the sound of skin against skin, the soft moans of a lover, the satisfying smack of a paddle on a bare bottom? We believe that sex is an aural experience as much as anything else and we want to create intimacy right in your ears. Help us fulfil our vision (for lack of a better word) and make some audio porn with us! Professional audio producers Venus Flytrap and Dick Twitch lead this hands-on workshop where you can learn about the aurally stimulating world of immersive audio porn. You will then be invited to come up with ideas and prototype some scenarios where you can explore how to tell sexy, playful and stimulating stories with audio. Feel free to bring along toys that make noise! No prior knowledge of audio recording or porn production is needed – just an enthusiasm for opening your minds and ears.

Friday 26 April 14.00 at Raven Row. Limited space, Book your space here


Every film in this programme inhabits its own world in which the limits of sexuality, fantasy and imagination are stretched. With a (soft) focus on the male body and gay desire, these glitchy, surreal and intelligent films give the viewer a nod and a wink before inviting them into a plush new world. With films such as Pink Pink shot in gorgeous 16mm jostling in the bedsheets with the mind-melting graphics of The Dream of the Girl Diver, each film presents a beautiful vision of what desire can be.

#aesthetics #beauty #gay #visuals #surreal #blowjobs #bodyfluids #fun #cum #trans

Friday 26 April 16.00 Book your tickets here


You like bowing down, don’t you? You enjoy licking my boot and presenting a Marxist analysis of capitalist oppression don’t you? Don’t pretend you’re not enjoying all this attention and don’t take it for granted either: these femmes know their power and use it in every which way. This strand includes everything from cute couples, sensory play and fun with vegetables before finally culminating in a seriously brave and highly politicised demonstration of what public sub/dom relationships can do in short documentary ‘No Democracy Here.’ We suggest you do as you’re told.

#femmes #femininity #Israel #Palestine #politics #dominance #submission #politics #sensoryplay #food #groupsex

Friday 26 April 18.00 Book your tickets here



Oh Britain. What have we become? Things are a bit weird right now… but while our leaders do the chicken dance on the international stage, the British queer porn community is keeping it real. Loveable spankos continue the traditional English vice, black and POC pervs are making us sweat and the aesthetics of sex are being brilliantly re-imagined. In these strange, uncertain times come join us for a dose of playfulness, continued pleasure and the passionate insistence on forming community even as the powers that be attempt to drive us apart. Oi!

#POC #strobelighting #spanking #sexualhealth #art #pleasure #playful #catharsis #groupsex

Friday 26 April 20.00 Book your tickets here



Can a deeper engagement with one’s sexuality help address wounds from the past? These shorts approach the question of healing via sexual exploration with sensitivity, bravery and wit, exploring how deep engagement with the body can help improve self image. Far from being an eroticisation of harm, these films look to see how the erotic can help us consciously move out of harmful patterns and behaviours. The programme covers issues such as trauma, eating disorders and long term illness, while at the same time looking at self care, body positivity and chosen family.

#POC #healing #power #illness #cancer #mentalhealth #well-being #body #selfcare #community

Saturday 27 April Book your tickets here



This festival was born out of the conviction that the harmful UK porn laws, as well as increased surveillance powers of the state, were actively against the interests of sex workers, porn performers and queer people at large. In this programme, we look at the material conditions of sex workers in a series of shorts that range from the bold, the insightful and the darkly comic. These are followed by a special screening of ‘Transsexworks’, a DIY documentary looking at how trans sex workers in Berlin have organised to care for eachother.

#sex #work #trans #pornproduction #rights #necrophilia #violence #humour #satire #control #community #activism

Saturday 27 April 16.00 Book your tickets here


Sex Education: It Gets Wetter?

Panel w/Lina Bembe, Max Disgrace and guests

The question of how to improve sex education will be addressed by some of the best in the business. Tackling issues such as porn as ‘pedagogy’ – which means a method of teaching – and moving beyond conventional issues such as preventing STIs and using condoms/contraception, this panel will directly acknowledge the need to include various social issues such as stigma, consent culture, gender, sexuality and sexual esteem, when addressing sex. *heart emoji* *sweat beads emoji* We’ve invited Lina Bembe and other sex expert-educator guests (TBC) to discuss the future of sex education. We’ll screen clips from The Pleasure Project and Sex School – two new sex education platforms which use explicit sex as an integral part of their teaching. Turn off Netflix and dive into deeper, sexier territor

Saturday 27 April 18.00 Book your space here


LPFF Guest of Honour 2019: Lina Bembe!

Lina Bembe, our guest of honour 2019 felt like a very fluid fit – pun intended – as we’ve seen her sweat & get wet in many porn films we’ve featured in our previous programmes. We were further awed to discover she is also a trailblazing, feminist sex educator! So we couldn’t resist inviting her to discuss all things sex ed and curate a screening at our festival!

Lina is one of four Sex Ed performers and Social Media & Communications Manager of Sex School – a new video-on-demand platform which features explicit sex education films, combining the knowledge of certified sex coaches and with the experience of seasoned sex workers – which feels like it should have happened waaaaay before you had to put a condom on a banana in biology class. But it didn’t. So Lina’s here to show you how it’s really done and to discuss other boundary pushing, stigma-breaking, myth-debunking, euphoria-inducing, reverse-engineering of the cis-het patriarchy. We’d expect nothing less

Saturday 27 April 20.00 Book your ticket here


This is a love letter to all genderqueer and transmasculine people, with people of colour front and centre. Machismo was never a version of masculinity we could get behind, preferring to ditch the toxic dick olympics for tenderness, intimacy and power that recognises and respects boundaries. Don’t get it twisted though – we love a moody, perverted butch, and the delightful non-binary babes in this strand will make you weak at the knees. Sing it: We’re lovers, not fighters, don’t make us kill the spiders…

#trans #nonbinary #POC #xicanx #masculinity #intimacy #tendermasc

Sunday 28 April 14.00 Book your tickets here



It’s been an amazing year down in the dungeon. Even the darkest nether regions of the imagination contain some light, and this strand, looking at BDSM and kink presents a range of pervy pleasures. Get your hands dirty with seductive humiliation, historical power play, stimulating textures and some of the best performers in the business providing a master class in the power of letting go. If you like it strong, intense, honest and extreme, this is the place for you.

#kink #bdsm #cutting #dominance #submission #spanking #shibari #blood #aggression #care

Sunday 28 April 16.00 Book your tickets here



Drenched. Soaked. Sopping. Dripping. You get the idea. These shorts revel in all that’s wet, well-lubed and squirting. We were amazed at the ingenious ways people had found to ejaculate, squirt and come, with beautiful watery arches sprayed to dizzy new heights. With a line up featuring soaking wet shibari, solo antics with a power shower and red hot fisting action, we implore you: lube up, get them gloves, put a towel down and glide in. (Again, and again, and again…)

#ejaculation #squirting #liquids #cum #fisting #masturbation #showerscene #shibari #pregnancy #lactation #mermaids #bath #submersion

Sunday 28 April 18.00 Book your tickets here



As huge fans of queer porn collective AORTA Films, we are delighted to close the festival with this sexy, full-length feature made in collaboration with A.O Movement Collective. W/HOLE moves beyond traditional notions of porn towards a performative, textured, landscape of desire. Each segment is a beautifully choreographed whole, building from playful scenes with sound, dance, movement and light through to what the filmmakers describe as “intense, illicit, humanity.” Wax play and knife play sit alongside an epic water balloon fight, hot group sex and ecstatic release that knows no bounds. Not to be missed.

#AORTA #performance #play #POC #trans #gender #sexuality #healing #wax #knives #shibari #food #sensual #edgeplay #groupsex #waterfight #sound #screams #blood

Sunday 28 April 20.00 Book your tickets here


Practical Stuff, that might be good to know before you arrive to a screening:


Access: The Horse Hospital is wheelchair accessible to an extent. However, accessible toilet facilities are only available off the main site. Read a thorough review of the accessibility of the site here:

All filmmakers, as part of the submission process, have been asked to supply both audio description and subtitles for all their films. Audio description listening equipment will be available on request during the screening.

Festival screenings will be held at The Horse Hospital in central London. Support Independent Venues!