Guest of Honour

We want to highlight and celebrate the richness of bodies and amazing people making these films we screening at at our London Porn Film Festival and we are proud to welcome this years Guest of Honour,
We sat down and asked Bishop a few questions.
How did you start your porn/film career?
I had some glamour modelling in London before and there was some video work, but not much. Then I had a casting with this gay porn company, which was a solo thing. This eventually led into starring in a BDSM film. It was quite fun and I managed to get a bit creative with the role too. After that I did not revisit doing porn until I moved to Berlin.
Things you are most proud of that you’ve done? Been involved in?
I think the first feminist porn work that I’m really proud of is the collaboration between myself and Morgana Muses for “Having my cake”. The freedom of expression in this piece was amazing and a completely different experience compared to working in a more mainstream environment. Whilst there were roles being taken within the film, we worked together as equals and I felt really comfortable. I love the fun and joy that is present, as well as the beautiful cinematography. Plus it was the thing to push me into working with female pornographers more.
What’s next for you? As an old friend once said: “Who knows where the wicked wind blows?”
What would you say has been the most important lesson porn taught you?
It’s really silly, but just that sex is an act between two people and to let go of trying to achieve the boner in order for it to seem like I’m actually doing something right. There is a huge pressure for men to always be erect and ready whenever something sexual is happening and more so for me because of the dynamic I embody being black and falling to the stereotypes that are associated. It will happen that at some point, something will not work and the way to deal with it is not to freak out but to time out and see what you need to let the juices flowing again, so to speak….
Bishop Black will join us at the festival and we are proud to screen these films that they are part of Slowdance, Immerse, 36-year old virgin and as mentioned Having My Cake
Meet Bishop Black for Q & A after screenings and as part of our SHOW  & TALK Programme
Bishop Black, guest of Honour at London PFF 2017