Guest of Honour

We want to highlight and celebrate the richness of bodies and amazing people making these films we screening at at our London Porn Film Festival and we are proud to welcome this years Guest of Honour,


You’re going to be doing a retrospective at LPFF 2018, looking at everything you have achieved. What can we expect?

You can expect a lot of spanking! I’m going to focus on films produced for Dreams of Spanking, my queer kink site which won a fight against the UK Government. It’s one of very few BDSM sites in the world that shoots trans, non-binary, and cis performers, in all configurations – with straight and queer content mixed in together. There’ll be edgy punishment fantasies, embedded in strong containers of performer consent. And some fun scenes too, including scenes starring real couples, and zany plots based on fanfiction!

I’ll kick things off with some clips from my early films, focussing on strong women and fantasies catering to my female audience. You’ll see over the course of the retrospective that my more recent work, as I’ve come out to myself as non-binary, has got queerer and queerer.

What is the most important thing working in porn has taught you?

Honestly, it’s taught me so much. I could bang on and on about confidence, body love, how nourishing self-expression can be. I’ve been making porn for my entire adult life pretty much, and my journey into the person I am now has been inextricably entangled with it. I’ve learned so many skills – from how to hold space for others to learn and grow, staying calm and positive under stress, to all the technical skills involved in filmmaking.

But I think the most important lesson has been a strengthening of the first thing I learned as a porn consumer: I am not alone. So what if I’m too nerdy for most people – too sexy, too kinky, too driven, too political, too queer. Working in porn has given me access to an international community of the most creative, radical, kickass, pervy babes I could ever imagine. Porn people are my family, and it’s a family I am grateful to be part of every day of my life. ♥

You do a lot of political activism as a result of the current porn laws. Where are we at currently and what do you think will happen to queer porn in the future?

We’re at the front lines of a sex-phobic war on free expression. The UK’s increased criminalisation of porn and other forms of internet sex work has encroached on multiple fronts over the last few years – from the AVMS 2014 which imposed outdated notions of “obscenity” on internet porn to the recent threat of mandatory age verification enshrined in the Digital Economy Act 2017. Lay that alongside the current threat of FOSTA and SESTA in the US, the thankfully-defeated Prop 60 which reared its ugly head in 2016, the constant attempts of SWERFs to bring in the Nordic Model in the UK, and increasing discrimination against the adult industry by payment gateways and web companies, and you can see that we really are being threatened on all sides by stigma and criminalisation. Governments fear the free internet, they fear commercial sex, and they don’t understand consent.

Age verification has just been delayed until “the end of the year”, at least – due to government incompetence rather than successful lobbying, I suspect. Still, that gives us time to apply pressure to the BBFC (the new online porn regulator) and the Government – perhaps if we can make them realise what a disaster for privacy and free expression this policy is, it might end up getting kicked into the long grass for good. There’ll be a public consultation, which is all of our chance to speak out.

As for queer porn – we must keep making it, and keep watching it! Queer porn – and festivals like this – celebrate diversity and difference, and validate and affirm queers of all bodies, genders and sexualities. In this era of #metoo and #timesup queer porn is another crucial tool to promote healthy consent and communication, and when it comes to the gargantuan task of dismantling rape culture, we need all the help we can get.

Where next for you? What exciting plans / prospects for the future?

Honestly, I’m really hoping to be able to step away from campaigning against age verification, and hand the baton onto a new generation of activists – after two years banging my head against the same brick wall, I’m feeling pretty burned out.

I’ve just taken a year off from producing regular material for Dreams of Spanking, and the break has left me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and hungry to shoot more. I’m planning to ease myself back into production gently with some straightforward queer, sexy solo scenes, rather that letting myself get bogged down in ambitious big-budget projects. I’m eager to do more queer porn work as a performer – I’ve just worked with Courtney Trouble and Chelsea Poe for which was a dream come true, so if you’re a queer pornmaker who wants to shoot trade, hit me up!

I’ve trained as a group facilitator in the last year, and am eager to develop those skills – I’ve been doing more community justice work, I’m starting to teach more adult sex education and consent workshops. Oh, and I’m writing a book!

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