London Porn Film Festival 2018 – Call for entries


We’re currently accepting entries for the London Porn Film Festival 2018, which will be held at The Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury, on 12-15 April.
The deadline if you want your film to be considered is January 31st, 2018.


We’re looking for short films of no more than 30 minutes in length. We screen queer, feminist and experimental porn, as well as films that use porn or the depiction of sexuality to tell unheard stories of queer lives, to challenge artistic conventions and boundaries, or to embody politics. The range of possibilities is huge, so if you feel uncertain about whether they fit, send in your films anyway! This year, we’re especially happy to receive:


  1. Porn created in the past, to create more conversation between generations
  2. Porn from places beyond Europe and North America
  3. Porn that directly or symbolically deals with current political events, including Brexit
  4. Porn that is created as part of an artistic practice in art, live art, theatre or dance
  5. Documentaries about porn and sexual practices


We only accept online, digital submissions, preferably links to online password-protected screeners. If you’re unsure how to go about this, please email us and we can help you sort it out.


London Porn Film Festival is committed to access. Therefore, we require all films entered that have dialogue to have English-language subtitles, and all films to have an audio description track. The audio description should consists solely of a voice recording (containing no film sound) that, in the gaps between dialogue in the film, describes what’s showing on-screen to our blind and visually impaired audience members. For a film to be considered for screening, both the subtitle and the audio description must be made available to us by March 1st. Please write to us if you’re unsure about how to create subtitles or audio description.


All submissions should be sent to by midnight GMT on January 31st, 2018. Please include the word “submission” in the title.